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920 Eldridge Drive, Suite E

Hagerstown, MD 21740

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Pellet Stove Maintenance & REpair

Pellet Stove Maintenance and Repair in MD, PA, VA, and WV

Monocacy Chimney Care Inc

Quality Servicing for Pellet Stoves in MD, PA, VA, and WV

For quality pellet stove maintenance and repair in MD, PA, VA, and WV, trust Monocacy Chimney Care Inc. Poor burn quality usually means the stove is dirty. Blackened glass could mean the stove is burning on ‘low.’ Sometimes pellet stoves get an airflow leak or have trouble igniting. Whatever the problem is with your pellet stove, we can repair it. 

Call (301) 508-7004 or contact us online to schedule a repair or maintenance appointment. 

Some Common Problems Resulting from Malfunctioning Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves can develop problems from poor quality fuel, air leaks, or how well pellets feed in the pot. Sometimes troubleshooting efforts by our customers can fix these and other problems. Make sure the door closes with a perfect fit. Consider buying top-notch wood pellets. Clear the auger and un-jam the device to aide in feeding the burn pot. If no at-home troubleshooting, works, call Monocacy Chimney Care Inc or contact us online.

Consider More Than Pellet Stove Repairs with Monocacy Chimney Care

Monocacy Chimney Care Inc offers more than pellet stove and wood stove sales, repairs, and maintenance. We specialize in chimneys. Our services include chimney sweeping, waterproofing and chimney lining. Our skilled masons can do chimney construction, chimney restoration and chimney repairs. We also provide chimney inspections. Do you prefer the outdoors? Many of our customers like the designs for our outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, patios, retaining walls, and custom BBQs. Contact us by phone or online to learn more about everything our company can do for you.

We Serve Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia Locations

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