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Wood Stove maintenance & repair

Wood Stove Maintenance and Repair in MD, PA, VA, and WV

Monocacy Chimney Care Inc

We Repair Blower Kits, Replace Gaskets, and Offer Maintenance Services

Monocacy Chimney Care Inc offers wood stove maintenance and repair in MD, PA, VA, and WV. Wood stove repairs frequently include replacing the gasket or blower kit. Often the firebrick or refractory panels need replacing. Many manufacturers recommend that, minimally, their stoves receive service annually. 

Call us at (301) 508-7004 or contact us online to repair your wood stove, or provide its maintenance. 

Do You Smell Smoke from Your Wood Stove in MD, PA, VA, and WV? Call Us

An odor of smoke coming from your wood stove in MD, PA, VA, and WV, or elsewhere, could mean there is a problem. Cracks in the casing or open seams might let the smell of wood smoke escape from your stove. If you smell smoke, first check the piping to ensure there are no leaks. If you find no leaks, then the chimney may need cleaning. It is also possible that the chimney is not drafting properly. There may be creosote buildup or pressure imbalances in your home. Wood stoves purchased from Monocacy Chimney Care Inc are backed by our promise to repair and maintain them. Contact us by phone or online to schedule your next service call.

Repairs, Maintenance, and More From Monocacy Chimney Care Inc

While we repair your wood stove, check out all that Monocacy Chimney Care Inc offers. We sell pellet stoves and provide maintenance and repairs for them as well. If your chimney requires fixingsweeping, restoringwaterproofing, or lining, we do that too. We also offer masonry, as well as chimney construction and inspections. Our selections of outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, patios, retaining walls, and BBQ designs are a hit with many of our customers. Pressure washing is also among the services we offer. Contact us online or call (301) 508-7004 for a consultation.

We Serve Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia Locations

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Monocacy Chimney Care Inc offers wood stove maintenance and repair in Myersville, MD.