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Chimney Inspections

Chimney Inspections in MD, PA, VA, and WV

By Monocacy Chimney Care Inc

Inspecting Your Chimney to Keep You and Your Family Safe

When you need chimney inspections in MD, PA, VA, and WV, turn to Monocacy Chimney Care Inc. Chimneys give homes a classic charm and provide protection for your family from dangerous gases. Here at Monocacy Chimney Care Inc our crew will go above and beyond to offer a thorough chimney inspection. Chimneys are often forgotten about during bad weather, so chimney inspections go a long way to keep you safe.

If you are interested in our chimney inspections, call (301) 508-7004 for a free estimate.

Monocacy Chimney Care Inc:
Chimney Inspections for MD, PA, VA, and WV

We inspect many types of chimneys, including wood, oil, coal, and gas. Here are some of the chimney inspections we offer for MD, PA, VA, and WV:

  • Regular Inspection (Annual):

We perform regular chimney inspections at the time of your annual sweep. All solid fuel-fired chimneys and gas chimneys should have a yearly inspection. Also, you need to check clearances to combustibles in all chimneys and many more parts for proper operation.

  • Diagnostic Inspections:

We perform diagnostic chimney inspections when your chimney is not working correctly. These inspections are used to just that, diagnose problems and provide you with a solution. If you believe your chimney is not working correctly, our technicians can fix the problem.

  • New Appliance Chimney Inspections:

Chimney inspections are required when you need to change your heating appliance. It is essential to make sure that the chimney is appropriately sized and maintained to avoid any malfunctions. All new appliances vented into masonry chimneys require installation of an adequately sized lining system.

A Thoroughly Inspected Chimney for a Great Price

Quality customer service is a priority at Monocacy Chimney Care Inc. From a regular chimney inspection to a new appliance chimney inspection, we will get the job done. We have competitive pricing in our Winchester, VA, service area and provide a free estimate to our customers. You can schedule a time for one of our professionals to come to your property and provide a thorough inspection.

Monocacy Chimney Care Inc Serves MD, PA, VA, and WV

We are proud to serve MD, PA, VA, and WV, and surrounding areas with chimney inspection services. Our team prides itself on providing superior customer service with every job. Feel free to view our portfolio and contact us if you need the following:

We Serve Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia Locations

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